LPA 2013-14 Annual Report

Photo: Jeff Busby

LPA 2013-14 Annual Report

Live Performance Australia

Evelyn Richardson
Chief Executive

David Hamilton
Director, Workplace Relations

Charlotte St Clair Wilson
Workplace Relations Advisor

Kitsa Daskalakis
Immigration Services Coordinator

Suzanne Daley
Director, Policy and Programs

Holly Crain
Policy Advisor

Niki Williams
Helpmann Awards Manager

Rita Dimasi
Digital Strategy & Communications Manager

Les Nemenyi
Finance & Membership Manager

Elsa Greguric
Office Manager

About LPA

Live Performance Australia™ (LPA) is the peak representative body for the live performance industry in Australia. Our Members include producers, promoters, performing arts companies, arenas, stadiums and performing arts centres, ticketing agencies, cinemas and exhibition companies from across the country.

Established in 1917, LPA’s main focus was to protect and further the interests of its Members, working in conjunction with unions and government to promote a healthy and vibrant live performance industry in Australia. Now, almost 100 years later, LPA continues to do this, helping to foster a harmonious policy and industrial relations environment and assisting in creating an industry now worth $1.4 billion annually. Working across 3 platforms, LPA supports its Members and fosters the industry through:

Workplace Relations

LPA assists Members with Union negotiations (including negotiating collective agreements for both the commercial and not-for-profit sector). We also provide a range of employment/industrial advice – from employment termination, redundancy issues, preparation of contracts and the interpretation of legislation. LPA can assist with Work, Health and Safety matters and has developed the Work, Health and Safety Guidelines for the Live Performance Industry. LPA can also provide immigration assistance including processing entertainment visas and importation of foreign artists.

Policy & Programs

LPA works with Members to create standards of ‘best practice’ which are beneficial to the industry. Codes and Guidelines created and maintained by LPA include the LPA Ticketing Code of Practice and Arts Access Information Kit. LPA also undertakes research on behalf of its Members such as the annual Ticket Attendance and Revenue Survey: Live Entertainment Industry in Australia and the Size and Scope of the Live Entertainment Industry. Research is then drawn upon when engaging with government around issues such as venue infrastructure and industry investment. In addition to this, LPA provides Members with advice on a range of issues such as consumer law, copyright, taxation, investment, privacy, and child employment. The Policy & Programs area also manages LPA’s flagship environmental sustainability project, Greener Live Performances through Energy Efficiency.

Communication & Events

LPA Members are provided with the latest industry news and information through publications, newsletters and circular updates. Information, member resources and research tools are also accessible from our websites:

Live Performance Australia
Greener Live Performances
LPA Members
LPA Hall of Fame
Helpmann Awards

LPA also provides education and skills development to producers wishing to expand their knowledge and experience through Producer Development initiatives such as seminar events and the Asian Producers Platform Camp.

Members have the opportunity to network with others within the industry through the events and functions that are hosted by LPA such as seminars, briefings, roundtables, meetings and networking functions.

Each year LPA presents the Helpmann Awards. Inaugurated in 2001, these Awards recognise and celebrate distinguished artistic achievement and excellence, and are considered the pinnacle event in the live performance industry calendar.

LPA's Strategic Plan 2011-2014


Ensure the growth and long term sustainability of the Australian live performance industry

Strategic Intent

As the peak body for the broad live performance industry LPA will continue to meet the needs and interests of Members through the delivery of core services, communication and influence.

The strategic flagship areas for LPA in the next three years are:

Strategic Priorities

Workplace Relations

Lead industry vision and policy for the industry

  • Develop our long range industrial relations policy position
  • Negotiate new industrial agreements consistent with our policy position and which reflect the global and digital environment

Develop best practice frameworks

  • Support industry WH&S compliance and practice
  • Advise and support Members on new industrial relations best practice

Policy and Strategy

Build knowledge and information about the industry

  • Research and understand digital developments and their impact and relevance for our industry
  • Track and measure economic and cultural indicator data

Take a leadership role in representing industry interests

  • Actively engage in the Government policy arena, with a particular focus on:
    • National Cultural Policy
    • Immigration
    • Industrial environment and conditions
    • Infrastructure

Develop and review Industry Codes and Guidelines

  • Consumer education and protection

Membership Services, Communications and Events

Strengthen Membership engagement

  • Ensure Members are well informed about, and can easily access, LPA resources
  • Encourage Member engagement around key industry issues and policy positions

Continue to provide quality Membership services

Deliver Professional Development including a national Producer Development Program

Present the annual Helpmann Awards

Host the annual Industry Leaders Forum

Governance, Compliance and Finance

Strong governance and compliance

  • Maintain Executive Council balance between governance oversight and strategy development

Financial sustainability

  • Review and develop new revenue model that supports LPA’s strategic priorities

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