LPA 2013-14 Annual Report

Workplace Relations

Work Health & Safety

The development of new Work Health and Safety (WH&S) Guidelines has progressed steadily throughout the year. Five Hazard Guides have now been drafted with a further seven Hazard Guides nearing finalisation.

Negotiations for the Performers’ Collective Agreement

LPA has begun negotiations with the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) for a new Performers’ Collective Agreement (PCA). LPA has sought clarification on a number of issues advanced by MEAA in its Log of Claims. It is anticipated that negotiations will commence towards the end of 2014.

Casual Crew Collective Agreement

LPA has successfully negotiated a new Commercial Casual Crew Agreement (CCCA) with MEAA. The CCCA applies to casual crew who work on commercial productions in Sydney’s commercial theatres. The negotiations were completed in June 2014. Both the Disney (Lion King) and Global Creatures (Strictly Ballroom) Agreements were approved by the Fair Work Commission on 1 July 2014. It is anticipated that the casual rates of pay in commercial theatres in Sydney and Melbourne will be the same by the end of 2015.

Entertainment (Subclass 420) Visa Application Process

LPA lodged 663 visa applications compared to 639 last year. Despite lodging more applications, LPA processed 4288 individual visas compared to 4724 for the last financial year, a slight decrease. This decrease is due to a change in the way LPA records the lodging of applications with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

The largest decrease was in the number of performers - 1356 performers as compared to 1695 performers last year. There were also decreases in singers/musicians (109 compared to 227) and crew (1585 compared to 1707). But there were increases in musicians (1074 compared to 960) and artistic personnel (164 compared 35). These fluctuations were a result of a decrease in the number of touring ballet companies, therefore a decrease in artists, but a corresponding increase in the contemporary music sector.

DIBP recently introduced changes to the Migration Medical Service provider arrangements so that applicants from higher risk countries who intend to stay in Australia for 3 months or more will be directed to obtain a medical check. This has had a particular impact on performers coming from Russia and Ukraine. From 28 July 2014, applicants who are completing immigration health examinations onshore in Australia, must book an appointment with DIBP’s new migration medical provider, Bupa Medical Visa Services (previously it was Medibank).

Photo: Strictly Ballroom The Musical, Jim Lee

Priorities for 2015

  • Continued development and then implementation of new WHS Guidelines for the Live Performance and Events Industries
  • Negotiation of a new Performers’ Collective Agreement
  • Lodging Commercial Crew Collective Agreements
  • Participation in the 4 yearly Modern Awards Review