Membership Services - Live Performance Australia 2013-14 Annual Report

LPA 2013-14 Annual Report

Membership Services

2014 Helpmann Awards

2014 saw the continued growth of the Helpmann Awards. Once again, Helpmann Award Nomination Announcements were held simultaneously in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth enabling a wider scope of LPA and industry members to actively participate in the Awards by attending the event in their local cities. Noted industry figures including Lisa McCune, John Wood, Li Cunxin, Todd McKenney, Greta Scacchi and Nancye Hayes AM acted as hosts and presenters at each event.

2014 was also the year that we welcomed Jon Nicholls back to the role of Executive Producer. Jon assembled a stellar Creative Team including Director, Stuart Maunder, Writers, Jonathan Biggins and Phil Scott, Musical Director, Vanessa Scammell, Lighting Designer, Gavan Swift and Sound Designers, Michael Waters and Andrew Foster. The Creative Team worked tirelessly in coordination with production associates, crew members, volunteers, performers and presenters to again make this year’s Helpmann Awards the true pinnacle ‘night of nights’, recognising and celebrating the very best of our talented live performance industry.

Now in its third year, the Helpmann Awards Travel Fund continues to thrive with a steady increase in the number of producers and venue presenters inviting Panel Members to attend productions.

The initiative offers financial assistance to Panel Members to facilitate their attendance at productions outside of Sydney and Melbourne. The Fund is open to producers wishing to showcase their work by inviting a Panel Member to attend their productions, thus further enhancing the opportunity to be nominated for a Helpmann Award. It is also available to Panel Members seeking to attend productions outside of Sydney and Melbourne.

The Travel Fund aims to:

  • Keep Helpmann Award Panel Members as informed as possible about productions in their relevant discipline throughout Australia;
  • Assist productions outside of Sydney and Melbourne to receive a greater chance of being nominated through increased attendance by Panel Members;
  • Assist in ensuring that the very best in live performance across each Australian state is being seen, nominated and winning Helpmann Awards.

The Fund is also designed to work in conjunction with the voting system implemented in 2011 which gives Panel Members an increased weighting in determining Award Winners.

During the 2014 Helpmann Award Season, the Fund assisted Panel Members to attend 36 interstate productions.

Members can access the Travel Fund at the Helpmann Awards Website.

As each year passes, the Helpmann Awards grow in prominence, and their significance within the industry becomes more important. This is reflected in the increased industry participation and a growing recognition of the Awards amongst the general public. In 2014, the Helpmann Awards received over 700 entries, one of the highest numbers on record. Changes implemented to the Voting System 2011 and the introduction of the Travel Fund, have also contributed to a wider recognition of the role of Panel Members. This is well reflected in the increased number of Panel Members being invited to attend productions with a view to nomination consideration.

Photo: Karon Photography

Social Media

LPA has grown its presence on Facebook and Twitter (@LivePerfAust) over the past year and continues to use these channels to update Members and the wider industry on industry news, media commentary, policy issues and #greenerliveperformances.

Twitter is particularly useful during industry conferences and events, where we live tweet interesting content for those unable to attend and take part in the event’s social media conversation. LPA also has a YouTube Channel which hosts webinar and video content, as well as a LinkedIn Group for the Greener Live Performances Through Energy Efficiency Project.

Website Updates

In 2014, LPA launched a new LPA and Helpmann Awards website. Members can find Award updates, contract templates, guides and other resources on the Members-Only Website. To access these resources, log onto and enter your username & password. If you are unsure of these details or have problems accessing the site, please contact Elsa Greguric.

Member Fora

Throughout the year LPA visited Perth, Adelaide and Hobart for the annual State Member Fora. LPA staff were able to meet with members to discuss ongoing issues and challenges within the industry, as well as achievements. LPA reported on topics such as Performers' Collective Agreement, Commercial Crew Agreement, the APRA Licence Review, Privacy Law Changes, Ticketing Code of Practice and the Asian Producers Platform.

Members were enthusiastic about new LPA initiatives and were engaged with all issues discussed. Members were also very interested to know more about several topics, particularly wireless spectrum, data sharing and Work Health & Safety.

Each Forum concluded with a Member Dinner where Members could network and socialise in a more relaxed environment.

Membership Growth

LPA’s membership base remains strong. At 30 June 2014, LPA had 396 Members which is the highest number in the association’s history.

Priorities for 2015

  • Host Producer Development Events that link to the Asia Producers Platform Initiative
  • Successfully deliver the 2015 Helpmann Awards and continue to provide support for the Helpmann Awards Travel Fund
  • Further develop the LPA Communications Plan, including LPA’s Digital Strategy, for the future
  • Continue to make the Helpmann Awards more environmentally sustainable

Photos: Jim Lee & Lightbox Photography